Ladies and gentlemen! Readers and fans! Come one, come all, to the contest to end all contests. It is... a quiz! A massive quiz covering the entire Adventure of Adventureness series. The first person to correctly answer all the questions will be the winner. And for the winner, there will be a most coveted and special prize; knowledge of the narrator's name! Yes, you heard that right! Well, read that right. Whatever. Point is, you win, I tell you the narrator's name.

Now then, the rules.

1: To be eligible, you must have an account on's forums.

2: In order to enter, simply send me a PM on Serebii entitled "Contest of Contestness entry", and enclose your answers. Be sure to number them!

3: If you get any wrong, I will reply telling you so, but for obvious reasons, will not disclose which one(s) you got wrong.

4: Each person is allowed a maximum of three tries.

Well, now that we got that out of the way, here it is.

1: When Miror B. called Captain Follicle to ask him to catch a Pokémon, what Pokémon did Captain Follicle initially think Miror B. wanted?

2: What did Jack first target with JAAAACK PAAAAWNCH?

3: What did Jack actually hit with the first JAAAACK PAAAAWNCH?

4: Complete this quote; "Sunkern merely spewed seeds in my face. ________ SET ME ON FIRE!"

5: Who spoke the quote in question 4?

6: Out of all the choices Jack is given for his very first Pokémon, which one's eventual trainer is never identified?

7: The narrator- boxers or briefs?

8: What was the fake name the narrator assumed when narrating the flashback as to how he met Chatot?

9: Miror B. has two brothers. What are their names?

10: True or false: Ghetsis's Seismitoad made its debut in the Palpitoad stage.

11: Name the move Misty's Psyduck learned in the story that its anime counterpart has not.

12: In the narrator's flashback about how he met Chatot, the quiz he takes alludes to another Pokémon fanfic. Name that fanfic.

13: What is Beepin's classification in the Pokédex?

14: Name three possible side effects that can be caused by using a Super Potion on a human.

15: In the chapter with the Megabyteburg Evolution Emporium, what classic movie was alluded to, specifically by way of the owner of the store?

16: For how many chapters was Jack in possession of a Porygon2?

17: What was the first Pokémon Jack tried to catch in Unova, and why did he fail to catch it?

18: What became of the pizza Mr. Psychic ordered?

19: Why was the group in such a hurry to leave Silph Co.?