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  • Missingno. Master 2

    Ladies and gentlemen! Readers and fans! Come one, come all, to the contest to end all contests. It is... a quiz! A massive quiz covering the entire Adventure of Adventureness series. The first person to correctly answer all the questions will be the winner. And for the winner, there will be a most coveted and special prize; knowledge of the narrator's name! Yes, you heard that right! Well, read that right. Whatever. Point is, you win, I tell you the narrator's name.

    Now then, the rules.

    1: To be eligible, you must have an account on's forums.

    2: In order to enter, simply send me a PM on Serebii entitled "Contest of Contestness entry", and enclose your answers. Be sure to number them!

    3: If you get any wrong, I will reply…

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