Tom Reeplae is a minor character in The Awesome of Awesomeness. He is an old man who practically lives outside of the Celadon City Pokémon Gym. He spends all of his time peering in the window of the gym to check out the girls within, along with his Luxray. Upon meeting Jack and Roy in AW22, he informed them that the Gym is full of women, prompting Jack to take a look for himself.

Tom reappeared in AW40, flying on his Luxray's back alongside the rest of the Kanto Gym Leaders and other minor characters to attack Giovanni and Dean. He helped hold them off so Jack could read off a Bad Egg destroying incantation. Tom's next appearance was in EP21 when he showed up alongside most of the rest of the group's allies for the big final battle, and used his Luxray much as before. Shortly afterwards, it was revealed that he was Akshun Reeplae's brother, and that he had been offered a position at Akshun's Pokémon daycare with the promise of many sexy women to keep him company, which he accepted.

He appears in all main series Pokemon games that feature the Kanto region as an old man outside Celadon Gym who comments on how the gym is great because it is full of women.


On handEdit

Tom's Luxray first appeared alongside its trainer in AW22. Using its x-ray vision, Luxray was joining Tom in checking out the girls in Celadon Gym. Luxray reappeared in AW40, carrying its trainer through the sky, and firing off Thunderbolt attacks at Giovanni and Dean, and again in EP21 where it helped fight off the enemy Pokémon.
Moves: Magnet Rise, Thunderbolt


  • Missingno. Master decided to give Tom a larger part in the storyline than his in-game counterpart to make up for the fact that his dialogue had been toned down in HeartGold and SoulSilver.

Name originEdit

Tom is derived from "peeping tom", a common term used to refer to men who spy on women for perverted reasons.