The narrator is one of Jack companions during his travels through the Internet. He is a professional Narrator.

He also died on the AD10, but he was revived by a plot device on AD11.

He is also called 'Yucky'.


The narrator is often sarcastic, and usually self praising, although two of his Pokémon attack him with Leaf Tornado and Cross Chop, the Pokémon being Serperior and Toxicroak, when he is.


He normally dresses in a tuxedo, resembling a normal butler. His tuxedo is often ripped, and it is repaired off-screen. Santa gave him a resilent tuxedo, that doesn't rip as often, in EP13.


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  • Missingno. Master has explicitly stated that the narrator's real name will never be revealed. Popular theory holds that his real name is actually Yucky.
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