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Missingno. Master is the author of The Adventure of Adventureness, and is also the primary antagonist in the series.

Personality and historyEdit

Missingno. Master presents himself in the story as something of an all-powerful presence. He is very big on self-preservation; upon learning that his own characters were attempting to find and do bodily harm to him, he immediately set out to prevent this, first by setting obstacles for Jack and the narrator, such as a herd of giant Toxicroak, then a giant fighting robot. He had a number of associates in the internet, such as a little boy in Cyber Town, and the receptionist of the Dot Com Building. He had also recruited Miror B. to his cause, but he defected to Jack's side soon after meeting him. After multiple failed attempts to stop Jack and the narrator, Missingno. Master entered the internet himself and after first forcing the two of them and Miror B. to battle the spy, the giant fighting robot, the receptionist, and a pop-up, he himself battled the trio, but the battle was interrupted when Jack inadvertantly activated a plot twist, mistaking it for a plot device. This caused a long-forgotten Shiny Rayquaza to fly down and attack; however, the crowd who had been watching the battles pitched in and helped battle Rayquaza. Overwhelmed by sheer numbers, Rayquaza was knocked out, allowing Jack to catch it. After this, Missingno. Master revealed his true motives for writing Jack into a bad fanfic, after which Jack forgave him. The narrator, however, unhappy about being written in more or less as comic relief, attempted to attack Missingno. Master, which resulted in his arrest. Since that moment, the narrator has had a death sentence pronounced on him by Missingno. Master, causing Jack to withdraw his forgiveness. He has recently teamed up with Hector and the head of the Pop-Up Association to take over the internet in exchange for their help in locating and killing Jack and his friends. He remains unaware of the fact that Hector has recently defected to Jack's side, however.


On handEdit



  • With the exception of Rotom, Missingno. Master's team of Pokémon reflect some of the favorites of his real-life counterpart.
  • Missingno. Master's favorite Pokémon is Weezing.
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