Jack Spearow is the short-tempered protagonist of The Adventure of Adventureness and its sequals. He is a Pokémon trainer, and the husband of Misty.


Jack is extremely short-tempered. He offends very easily and will not hesitate to respond in a violent manner. Despite being only twelve years old, Jack has a rather colorful vocabulary, needs but the flimsiest excuse to use profanity, and is often annoyed when his profanity is censored by the narrator or his Pokédex. He is impolite to the point where being forced into saying "please" actually causes him to pass out. He is, however, capable of saying "please" in truly desperate situations, often when the well-being of his Pokémon is at stake. Despite his irritability and short temper, Jack cares deeply for Pokémon.

Jack often employs violence, including his infamous JAAAACK PAAAAWNCH move.


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Due to his Pokédex allowing quick and easy access to the PC Storage System, Jack switches up his team whenever he deems it necessary.


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  • Jack's name is a play on Jack Sparrow, a major character in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise.
  • Jack's marriage to Misty was revealed by Missingno. Master, and not actually revealed within the story.