Hector, also known as the Chapter Title Guy, is a character in the Adventure of Adventureness series. He is the one who supplies the titles for every fanfic existing. Originally, in the Adventure of Adventureness, he is an antagonist. He is trying to take over the internet. The reason for this is that he does not get any credit for the titles. In the Adventure of Adventureness, it is revealed that he has a genetically modified Mudkip that, when Torrent is activated, has the power to use many immensely powerful moves, none of which its species can usually learn. In the Epic of Epicness, it is shown in a flashback that scientists working for Giovanni created this Mudkip as a part of their Pokégod experimentation, but could not figure out why Mudkip wasn't using any strong attacks. They accidentally activated his Torrent ability, and died from Mudkip's attack. After discovering this, Mr. Fuji decided to quit Team Rocket, and had his Porygon carry Mudkip to the Internet and find a suitable trainer for him. When Hector was catching wild Pokémon, he stumbled across that Porygon. He used his Ekans to try and catch Porygon, but the Poké Ball didn't work. Hector then found and activated Mudkip's Poké Ball. Once Mudkip saved Hector from a rampaging Tyranitar, Porygon deemed him a suitable trainer, then left him to go back to his master, for his work was finished. In the Epic of Epicness, Jack catches Hector's Mudkip with a Snag Ball. After the battle, Hector realized the error of his ways and teamed up with the protagonists. Later on, Jack willingly returned Mudkip to him.


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  • In the Epic of Epicness, Hector made up a rumor that he had a Smeargle that knew every move, including Imprison, so no one would challenge him.