This article is about the antagonist. For the various Pokédexes that can turn into giant fighting robots, see Jack's Pokédex, Misty's Pokédex, Miror B.'s Pokédex, Cheeseball's Pokédex, or The narrator's Pokédex.

One of the major antagonists of the Adventure of Adventureness is a giant fighting robot who appears to exist to serve Missingno. Master.


The giant fighting robot first appeared in AD03, when Jack kicked a tin can which then morphed into the robot, who immediately produced a pair of Poké Balls and called out a Steelix and a Metagross. Though easily able to beat Jack's Primeape and the narrator's Croagunk, not only were its Pokémon destroyed by Jack's Rayquaza, but the robot itself was carried off into space by it.

The robot returned later on to battle Jack, the narrator, and Miror B. It was revealed here that he owns a Magnezone.

Much later on, the robot returned as a conveyance for Hector as they along with Missingno. Master confronted the group at the end of the Awesome of Awesomeness.

In The Epic of Epicness, the robot returned, working as a security guard under Biff for the Megabyteburg Evolution Emporium. Once Biff called the group out as thieves, the robot attacked, and revealed that he owns a Shiny Golurk. The group defeated him, and while Jack's Pokédex was able to weld its legs together with its heat vision, it was still able to fly off.


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