The Beginning
Story The Adventure of Adventureness
Date August 3rd, 2009
Followed by AD02

The Beginning is the first chapter of The Adventure of Adventureness, and the first chapter of the entire series.


Jack throws a Master Ball at a Shiny Rayquaza and catches it. After that, he becomes furious at having been written into a story of such poor quality. Breaking the fourth wall, he demands that the story's narrator come with him as he seeks revenge on Missingno. Master, who is watching the events unfold from outside the internet and begins to write the next chapter, vowing to not let their plan succeed.

Major eventsEdit

  • Jack and the narrator decide to head towards Cyber Town.


Pokémon debutsEdit





  • This chapter features the smallest number of Pokémon of any chapter; namely, one.
  • There is a large quantity of space between the first two lines and the rest of the chapter. Missingno. Master did this intentionally so as to fool newcomers into thinking that the first two lines really was the whole story.